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  • Brand   holawin
  • Type   H-SW021
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1. The steps and record
Real time record your daily walk steps, accurate response you walk, run, jump, etc. At the

same time combined with your steps walking accurate calculation of daily movement distance.

2. The calories burned It will be able to accurately monitor your calories,

accurate measurement of your each tiny movements

3. The sleep monitoring
The little activity in the process of sleep mode track your sleep. You can see the number

 of hours of sleep, sleep time, shallow and deep sleep and wake up time.

4.24 hours movement monitoring
Carry, all-weather monitoring, automatic record steps burn calories, sports,

sports movement distance and sleep quality, close-fitting, healthy life for you.

5. Data cloud services
Movement after the connected phone or computer can transmit data
6. Intelligent devices
Bluetooth 4.0 low power consumption; Form a complete set of application support ios.

Android. Windows system, etc

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